Welecome to teluguyadav Foundation

The main objective of this site is to build networking among our community people across the globe. Networking is playing vital role in this modern world. Our community people are facing problem to find suitable matches for marriages based on their social, economical status. Also our community people who are in rural areas are not getting enough guidance or support for their further studies, legal issues, medical assistance. 

We are proving matrimonial services to our community people. We know your needs and we understand your preferences. We will try to find the best fit available with us based on your request.

As we all know, most of our community people are living in rural areas. They do not get enough support or guidance for their education and carrier. We are coming up with an educational counselling cell. This cell consists of a group of people with very good educational background and zeal to help our community people.

Similar to the education counselling cell we are coming up with a legal guidance cell to provide guidance to our community people to take right direction on any of the legal issues. This cell will consist of prominent advocates from our community who has zeal to help our community people.

As we all know about today corporate hospitals and its cost. We are coming up with a medical assistance cell which will help our community people and guide /suggest them with appropriate treatment. Hope this would help our poor people in our community and get better medical help.

Another great feature of this site is “BECOME A MEMBER” .We encourages all educated people for our community to become a member of this site and get to know our yadavs across the globe.

Another aim is to encourage our community students those who performance is outstanding in their academic. We will reward them with a cash prize/award.

There are few other social service organizations helping yadav community. We would like to know their activities so that we all can work together to help our people in a better way.

We also welcome your suggestions to make this site a very useful site for our community.

Final one, we need financial support to make all these happen. All the above services are free and we are not compromising in our service quality because it is free service. We are raising funds by advertisements in this site to maintain an office and employees to support the office. We are looking for your contribution to make this effort successful and helpful to our community people.

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